Dr Jiangxin Wan

Director of Research, Performance Plants

Dr. Jiangxin Wan, Performance PlantsDr. Wan obtained her Ph. D. in Plant Molecular Biology at Biology Department, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada in 1996. She completed her postdoctoral research work in Department of Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology at The University of Chicago. Dr. Wan joined Performance Plants in 1998 as a Project Leader of the Technology Development Program. In 2001, she assumed responsibility as Manager of Gene Discovery and Trait Development, until being promoted to the Director of Research position in 2010.

As the Director of Research of the company, Dr. Wan not only oversees company’s R & D program, but also maintains research collaboration with external research organizations to enhance the company’s IP development, as well as coordinates collaborative work with PPI’s international commercial partners for development of PPI’s technologies in crop plants.

Dr. Wan also organizes overall datasets for company’s patent applications and intellectual property protection activities. She is the key inventor of most company's patents, and has authored many research papers published in prominent academic journals.