Dr. Yafan Huang

President and Chief Scientific Officer, Performance Plants

Dr. Yafan Huang, Performance PlantsDr. Huang joined Performance Plants in 1998 as the Manager of Technology Development. He was
appointed as the Director of Research in 2001 and then held the position of VP Research and Chief
Scientific Officer beginning in 2004. Dr. Huang was appointed as the President and CSO of the company
in 2010. Dr. Huang is responsible for the company’s overall science, technology and commercial
development. He is regarded as one of the world leaders in the field of plant biotechnology. Dr. Huang
has authored extensive research papers on plant signal transduction and stress tolerance, and presented
many keynote seminars and symposia at prestigious research conferences and research institutes
around the world.

Dr. Huang’s profound international credibility in plant science research has made a
strong contribution to his role as the President of the company, where he has successfully built multiple
technology licensing and commercial partnerships with international seed companies, thereby putting
strong footholds of the company's technology products in the worldwide market.

Dr. Huang holds a Ph.D. in Biology from Queen’s University in plant molecular biology and biochemistry
in 1995. He spent two years as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Illinois at Chicago working in the
area of plant signal transduction.