Global Food And Energy Concerns

Ag-Biotech Tools For Enhanced Crop Performance And Productivity

Ag-Biotechnology Solutions For Climate Realities

corn-damaged-by-heat-drought-Carmi, Ill,DanielAckler-BloombergNewsPerformance Plants has worked closely with farmers and seed companies to develop crops resistant to episodes of drought and heat stress. Climate realities has brought to the forefront the challenges many farmers and in turn, countries face with heat and drought induced agircultural problems.

Through rigorous scientific testing in the lab and field, our plant-based proprietary ag-biotechnologies deliver safe and proven native plant traits that maximize crop performance and productivity.

The company has validated and patented an array of second generation, commercial ready, yield enhancement technologies to capitalize in the agri crop and bioenergy markets.  PPI has licensed its game-changing technologies to several world leading seed companies such as Bayer CropScience, Mahyco, Syngenta, Stine Seeds, RiceTec and Scotts Miracle Gro.

Global food and energy security concerns, like the projected increased for grain, continue to drive crop demand along with a variety of other factors including: the addition of 3 billion more people to feed by 2050, increasing animal protein demand from the "BRIC" countries (Brazil, Russia, india and China) and growing demand from the bioenergy sector for biological feedstocks as an alternative clean sustainable energy.

In recent years, governments like China, have made agriculture a national priority.  Performance Plants is the first Canadian ag-biotech company to sign licensing agreements with the Chinese, opening emerging and powerful markets, proving itself, once again, as a global leader.  

Industry insiders see the near future as very favorable for crop protection and we project even more success with our weather-proofing, biomass and grain yield enhancement ag-biotechnologies.