Our Biotech Tools Work

Sustainability Through Ag-Biotechnologies

Among the biggest challenges that farmers have always faced are yield losses due to unfavourable weather. We cannot change the weather, but Performance Plants technologies will allow crops to withstand climate variability and enhance the plant's abililty to reduce the impact of inclement weather.

Performance Plants has based its discovery program (YPT®, HDT™, WET™, BET™ and YET™) on the fact that small changes in plant metabolism can have profound positive impacts on crop productivity and quality. This concept has allowed plant breeders over the millennia to turn weeds like teosinte into useful crops like corn.

Performance Plants has over 86 patents issued for a suite of plant-based tehnologies that result in significantly more bushels per acre and improved crop performance. These technologies involve modifying the expression of desired key plant genes through genetic modification or advanced breeding methods.