PPI-Lafarge Biomass Coal Replacement Program

PPI and Lafarge North America, the country's largest cement manufacturer established a four-year agreement to grow and develop clean energy biomass grasses and woods for use as fuel at the Lafarge Cement Plant in Bath Ontario.For Lafarge, the joint project is part of the company's ongoing public commitment to reduce its carbon footprint including the use of renewable and fuel alternatives.

The program is an opportunity for PPI to create enhanced non-food crops that are able to be grown on less productive farmland. By combining locally adapted crops with PPI's unique suite of patented weatherproof technologies, fuel users will be able to create a cost effective alternative to coal and other fossil fuel feedstock.

In partnership with local farmers, PPI and Lafarge are testing the agronomic, environmental and industrial characteristics of various biomass crop species on 100 acres of land adjacent to the Lafarge cement plant and owned by the company. Lafarge expects to conduct the first trial use in the fall of 2009.