A Bit About Performance Plants

Performance Plants Inc. (“PPI”) is a leading global agricultural and biofuel biotechnology company. The Company’s Head Office and Trait Development Centre is located in Kingston, Ontario.

A plant-trait company, PPI has developed and patented a range of stress-resistant crop seed technologies (weatherproofing “traits”) that deliver higher yields and more consistent and cost effective harvests for farmers and feedstock suppliers under conditions of environmental stress such as drought and excessive heat or cold.

The company’s breakthrough Yield Protection Technology® (“YPT®”) is at the heart of its suite of technologies. YPT® enables plants to better tolerate drought conditions and to recover faster when watered. YPT® has been licensed worldwide to boost seed yields of commodity crops like corn, soybeans, canola and to improve drought tolerance of turf grass. Other technologies in our Technology Development Platform will provide heat tolerance, reduce or eliminate irrigation and boost the productivity and processibility of dedicated energy crops.

PPI operates a biofuel division dedicated to developing and marketing biomass crops such as switchgrass, Miscanthus grass and industrial hemp for making cellulose-based biofuels. Cellulosic biomass (non-edible plant material like stems) is the most abundant renewable energy source on earth but remains largely untapped. Not only can biomass crops be grown on marginal farmland but cellulosic biofuels deliver superior greenhouse gas emission reductions and the best “net energy balance” (energy output minus energy input) when compared with seed-based grain ethanol and biodiesel. PPI’s enhanced biofuel crops are being optimized to provide sustainable and economical alternatives for industries using petroleum-based feedstocks.

The company’s world-class biotechnology research facility in Waterloo, New York is the centre for its biofuels research activities. PPI also recently entered into a multiyear agreement with Lafarge Canada Inc. to develop and grow clean energy biomass for use as fuel at the Lafarge Cement Plant in Bath, Ontario, a first such initiative in North America.

PPI has an agreement with the Africa Harvest Biotech Foundation International which enables Africa Harvest to use the company's Yield Protection Technology® (YPT®) in a multi-year project to develop and field test drought-tolerant white maize, a staple crop in Africa. This is the first time a Canadian company's agricultural biotech intellectual property is being transferred to Africa for non-commercial purposes. Africa Harvest is an international non-profit foundation with a global focus to fight poverty, hunger and malnutrition in Africa.

The company is privately held and governed by a 10-member Board of Directors.