"Hardy Plants: Engineered to Resist Drought"

An exhibit entitled "Hardy Plant,..." at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry

This is permanent exhibit of the Museum featuring Performance Plants' genetic engineering technology to improve drought tolerance and crop productivity. This video has been on display for almost a year at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry.

The exhibit includes a "3D showing" of the results of one of PPI's canola drought-resistance tests (shown as comparative amounts of canola seeds in graduated cylinders. The time lapse video credits Performance Plants technology as well as live plants growing under different watering conditions. It incorporates the time-lapse images from PPI's drought-tolerance tests, and it's very prominent with the visitors to the Genetics Exhibit.

The exhibit is intended to showcase the positive impact of genetic engineering technology to human life (followed by a description of the video and others already on the website).

Visit the museum's website at http://msichicago.org/.