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Featured in the International Resource Journal and the Canadian Business Journal, Dr. Yafan Huang is interviewed by IRJ on PPI technologies, crop yield and performance... says Dr. Huang “If a company in this field is not competitive enough it will not survive, because its technology will stay within the company rather than go to the market...”

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Canadian Business in Action, Agriculture Series

The International Resource Journal (IRJ) published in their November 2013, Vol 3, Issue 10 online magazine a feature article on Performance Plants for their Canadian Business in Action and Agriculture series.  Also featured in The Canadian Business Journal (CBJ), Dr. Yafan Huang, President and CSO of Performance Plants is interviewed highlighting the company's technologies and focus on yield and crop performance in IRJ's Alternative Energy section.

Click the image to view IRJ's online brochure or visit the CBJ website for the published feature. 

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