Performance Plants Inc. and Syngenta to Collaborate on Development of Drought Tolerant Crops

KINGSTON, ON. – October 12, 2006 – Performance Plants Inc. has entered into a licensing agreement with Syngenta Seeds, Golden Valley, Minn. for development of drought tolerant corn and soybean seeds using Performance Plants’ Yield Protection Technology™ (YPT™).

The deal follows four years of successful field trials by Performance Plants, which have shown YPT™ to be highly effective in preserving yields under conditions of drought stress.

“The field results indicate that commercial corn and soybeans can be developed that will withstand the effects of drought, significantly improve water use efficiency and generate powerful boosts in crop performance and yields.” said David Dennis, President and Chief Executive Officer, Performance Plants.

A trait that enables plants to withstand dry seasons without suffering yield drag under normal moisture conditions will be a major development for growers, especially as renewable fuels create greater demand for corn and soybeans. Performance Plants and Syngenta Seeds expect that the trait will allow growers who irrigate to use less water. It will also offer growers the opportunity to convert marginal acres into more productive cropland.

YPT™ protects crops exposed to drought conditions by stimulating early closure of leaf stomata prior to wilting. YPT™ canola, extensively field tested in multiple sites, shows consistent yield increases up to 26% without impacting seed or agronomic characteristics. The YPT™ trait is now moving into field trials in corn, soybean, turf and ornamentals.

About Performance Plants Inc.

Performance Plants Inc., a privately held Ag-biotechnology company, focuses on the development of agronomically important plant traits. Performance Plants creates value by bringing innovative crop technologies to the market. The company’s head office and Gene and Trait Discovery Centre are located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Its Crop Development Centre is in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.