Biomass Enhancement Technology™ (BET™)

Ag-Biotechnology For Clean Green Energy

 Biomass Enhancement Technology™ For Higher Biomass Yield & Sustainable Biofuels

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Higher Biomass Yield - Sustainable Biofuels

Performance Plants has developed a Biomass Enhancement Technology™ (BET™) ideally suited for large biomass applications such as biomass feedstock (for cellulosic ethanol and coal replacement) as well as fibre and forage. For bioenergy uses, increasing the tonnage per acre significantly reduces the farmer's production cost per ton, a key requirement for getting industry to switch from fossil fuel to biomass feedstock.

In greenhouse experiments, BET™ model plants produce two times more biomass by boosting vegetative plant growth. The technology is currently being introduced into crops and greenhouse testing has shown significant increases in cellulosic biomass yields.

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