Heat & Drought Tolerance Technology™ (HDT™)

Increasing Crop Yields Under Climate Variability

Green Technology HDT™ protects yield from Heat and Drought

Improved Seed and Biomass Yields

Drought Cracked Earth, Scott Olsen Getty ImagesPerformance Plants has the first heat tolerance technology and is the only Company with the capability of protecting plants against seed yield losses during periods of hot, dry weather.

The Threshold Factor

All crops experience a yield decline over a threshold temperature. Each degree celsius increase in average temperature over this threshold will reduce crop yields by 15%.

Our Heat & Drought Tolerance Technology (HDT™) is the ideal solution for all seed crops for maintaining agricultural productivity. In controlled growth chamber experiments, HDT™ plants have produced up to 23% higher yields when challenged with periods of hot mid-day growing conditions. This technology is currently being assessed in canola and other crop species.

With the rise in global temperatures, improvement in high temperature and drought tolerance has become a top priority in ag-biotechnology. HDT™ has significant potential to protect global food supplies and deliver clear benefits to farmers and consumers.  An excellent article on climate change and crop yeild was published in Economist, March, 2011.

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